Random Musings…and a Cat

I’m currently nursing a bum shoulder back to health. Two shots of cortisone and week of steroids have done nothing for it and me and my doctor are worried that it’s going to be a case of chronic bursitis that is always going to give me hell. I have scoliosis and it’s already done in the hip on the same side with chronic bursitis that never lets up so we are really expecting the worse. Anyway…I’m surprised at the pain that crocheting causes at the moment. After like 10-20 minutes of working on something my arm wants to fall off. It’s really quite annoying and I am getting further and further behind on my granny square project (which reminds me, I have a picture I need to crop and post for that).

While dealing with my shoulder, I’ve been cruising Pintrest saving patterns – I have so many things that I want to make – and I’ve been working on pixel squares for an afghan that I am making for a friend of mine. At the moment I am a huge fan of pixel squares because they stitch up quickly and I can do a few here and there throughout the day without aggravating my shoulder. I think that’s a win-win.

I was also thinking about this blog. Well, all crochet blogs in general. They are kind of a weird thing if you think about it. Crochet blogs mostly appeal to people who crochet. They are a source of patterns, techniques and resources, and so forth while, the items crocheters make and sell are targeted mostly to non-crocheters. Blogs are used to promote these items and Etsy shops. I am finding myself wondering how the two things are supposed to work together. I mean, they do. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many crochet blogs, but it’s really just an odd phenomenon, at least to me. I’m probably overthinking it all, or it’s the pain talking, or brain boredom setting in where I’m limited in what I can do…or all the above.

And with that, what is with cats and crochet? My cat is in love with everything I make and he think’s it’s for him, because he’s a cat. When he comes up on my desk, despite there being a cat spot just for him complete with blanket, he has to find whatever I am working on and lay on it.

The project that he is laying on is a wiener dog lovey blanket that I am making for a friends niece. I started on it right before my shoulder decided to check out and it’s going together very slowly and painfully. Since the toy is being shipped to Australia I am really afraid to wash it. My friend and I have had the conversation before about differences in laundry soap between here and there and how anything I send needs to be washed before she gets it. There is also the fact that just because his niece isn’t allergic to the family cat doesn’t mean she won’t be allergic to my cat because of differences in a cat food and stuff. I really don’t want his niece having an allergic reaction.

I only have so many ziplock bags I can put things in to keep them from the cat, especially if he jumps up on the desk while I am working on something and makes himself comfortable. Cats are supposed to be graceful, mine is the proverbial bull in a china shop and while he’s getting comfortable, my books get knocked over and balls of yarn end up on the floor. He also thinks my crochet hook handles are something to chew on. I did not spend the money on Tulip Etimo hooks for him to eat them.



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