Super Mario Crochet Round Up

It’s crochet round up time, gamer style with Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers. I was thinking about all my friends who get into Super Mario games and have played them since the NES and decided to go on a crochet hunt. These aren’t the only Mario patterns out there, just the ones I personally want to make!

Let’s start with this adorable baby blanket of the Super Mario Invisibility Stars by A Gamer’s Wife. I have a friend who has a relatively new niece that I want to make all baby things for. I think this blanket could also be made bigger for children and adults, after all, Super Mario Brothers is a game that transcends all ages.

Next up is a mushroom drawstring bag. Now, I know what everyone is thinking, “That is a plain, nondescript mushroom that looks nothing like a Mario mushroom. What is it doing on here?” Change the colours, add spots, and you have a 1up ‘shroom! The original pattern may not have been made with Mario in mind, we just need to think Mario Mushroom while working on this and it will transform by the magic of creativity. Trust me.

I am really into these afghans that are made with small granny squares and end up looking 8 bit when you are done. Who better to bring 8 bit to life, crochet afghan style, than Super Mario in this awesome afghan featuring Mario. Change the red to green and you have Luigi. Either way you can’t go wrong.

A Yoshi egg. I’m not sure the purpose of crochet eggs, but I have made a Pokemon one before (same pattern, different spots). I’m sure someone can come up with creative uses for these or you might know a child that wants a Yoshi egg. Yoshi fans would love them as well and find something cool to do with them. At any rate, if we are talking Super Mario, a Yoshi egg must be involved. It’s the rules.

 If you have a Yoshi egg, you need Yoshi. Also the rules. There are a number of Yoshi patterns out there but this one, I think, is by far one of the cuter ones.  You can even make him in all the different colours from all the different games and have a full collection with matching eggs.


The Koopa Trooper shells. I suppose these could also double as turtle shells for some purpose. I love the idea of turning them into key rings. The could also work as necklaces or, if you use a lightweight yarn/thread, you could turn them into earrings.

I have seen a number of patterns for Mario Mushrooms as well in various sizes. I have a friend who has an extra life Mario Mushroom hanging from his rear view mirror and likes to tell people getting in the vehicle with him for the first time that “It’s in case we get into an accident.” File that under interesting and different ideas to do with your mushroom. I also feel like you could build your own Mushroom Kingdom out of these or change the colours and turn them into Smurf houses.

Sadly, there isn’t a pattern up for these. They sold on Etsy for $45. However, if you know what you are doing, you could easily modify this pattern to create these fingerless gloves. It’s what I did when I made two sets of Pokemon ones.The raised white parts of the mushrooms look like they are done in the same way as the jellyfish domes on most of the jelly patterns. For smaller ones look to cat toys and add a bit of poly-fill to raise them.

Pair the mushroom gloves with this Piranha Plant Scarf for ultimate Mario-ness. This scarf was something else that was fetching between $50 and $80 on Etsy. This is the joy about being a crafty person who can do things like crochet. You can figure out how to make just about anything. It’s also novelty type items like this that you can’t find commercially that, if you are interested in having your own crochet business, can fetch you more than a few dollars over the cost of materials. Also, being able to make cool things like this piranha plant scarf for yourself, family, and friends, will earn you the envy of every Mario fan you come across.

While we are talking about ways to stay warm via Mario check out this Mario beanie. It’s easy enough to adjust hat patterns to fit anyone so why let the kids have all the fun? The first Mario game was released in 1985 and Super Smash Bros in 1984 making Mario a 33 year old plumber that most of us have been playing since our childhood.  With that in mind, I encourage all adults out there to show their love for Mario as well!

Invisibility Star Coasters make more than Mario invisible. These will work up quickly and make a great addition to any nerd den, next to your computer or anywhere else that you want invisibility stars to work their magic on annoying cup/glass rings.


This pixelated mushroom rug is based on a 7 foot by 7 foot Raccoon Mario rug. I’m not sure how large this rug is but I think it’s safe to say it could get quite large based on the pixel square pattern your use and your gauge. The Raccoon Mario rug’s squares are 3.5 inches. This could easily be made into a blanket for someone. Then again, I am really into pixelated afghans at the moment.

And there you have it. A world of Mario crochet ideas. A quick search on Google or Pintrest will yield many more patterns and ideas including amigurumi characters.

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