11 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Three cheers for the commercialization of holidays!

Seriously, every time I see Christmas stuff up for sale before Halloween a little part of me dies inside. The only places that can legit get away with this practice is craft stores because crafty people need time to put things together, especially when a lot of things are being made. So, in the name of having enough time to get things done, I am presenting 11 Valentines Gift Ideas. Some of these will take more time than others, naturally, but starting things last minute is never good.

Once again, there are so many of these I want to make.

This love bug is so adorable. I want an army (an army is 9, I looked it up) of them in different colours sitting on my desk. I think everyone else would like an army of them them as well…or at least one. Kids, for sure, would love these and it would make a cool Valentines Day gift for a kid to give to their teacher (I’m talking elementary school kids here where they still still exchange cartoon and superhero covered cards that you buy in bulk with their classmates. High school kids, it might be kind of weird.)

 Another cute stuffed animal. This bunny didn’t start out as a Valentines Day bunny, but the addition of a heart on it’s belly screams “I love you.” Okay, maybe it doesn’t, but it is cute and stuffed animals with hearts have always been a Valentines Day staple. Make your own this year and personalize it in a way that is important to you and/or the person you are giving it too.

Here’s an idea. Start a tradition and make a different version of this bunny for each holiday throughout the year (and the next) and give it to a child in your life. Soon they will be looking forward to seeing what new bunny idea you have come up with for them.

I went off on a tangent one year about how Valentines Day is a no win situation for men. You have jewelry companies telling you the only way that you can really show your love is to give expensive jewelry – especially diamonds. Why can’t we do rubies since they are red? Anything is a reason to promote aged compacted coal that the jewelry and diamond industries can charge a small fortune for. Most women are afraid to wear expensive jewelry because it might get lost. It’s not a practical gift. But hey, that’s not what Valentines Day is about, not in the world of consumerism. It’s about buying love.

Anyway, as part of that tangent I had to pick on chocolate. Almost everyone loves chocolate, but it’s also a catch-22 where women freak out that they were given the largest box of chocolates that their significant could find then start crying that “you bought me chocolate and it’s going to make me fat and then you are going to leave me when I am fat and ugly”. A crocheted box of chocolates could be the answer for that…or someone is going to get mad because they aren’t edible. It’s the thought that counts.

DO NOT tell your friend that you are going to make her wedding cake, and then present this cake. It could end a friendship. I’m not sure it’s the sort of thing you would give as a gift, especially for Valentines Day, but it would make a cute decoration or table centerpiece for Valentines Day. It could also serve as a cool decoration for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. If a picture can be found, it could also be customized to look like someones wedding cake for an anniversary party or present.

I am going to admit something here. I’m weird. I’m unconventional. I don’t think outside the box, I have never found the box. When I seen this mostly anatomically correct heart my first thought was “This would be an awesome present to give to a doctor, especially your OB/GYN when you are stuck going in for your annual exam on V-Day (more cool than giving him stuffed microbes of STDs, but that would be funny as hell too. I also have the sort of doctor that shares my weird sense of humor and would laugh hysterically). Now that I think about it, it would make a cool present for your cardiologist. I’m not sure who else this gift is appropriate for other than a med student, that geeky friend, or just someone who has everything. I am not sure how well it would go over to hand this to someone and say “I’m giving you my heart” when the gift of an anatomically correct heart screams “If I could rip out my heart and give it to you I would” (this is Valentines Day, not Halloween) or “You don’t have a heart, so I made you one.”

Nothing says Valentines Day like a cute pink crocheted hippo. Trust me on this. If you are looking for crocheted hearts to go with him (or her) there are tons of patterns on the web…because we all know that pink hippos puke love hearts. Just do a google search and you will get different sizes and stitches, and they all go together quickly. You can even find directions to sew those hearts together to form a bracelet or bookmark. Crocheted hearts are versatile and hearts are expected at Valentines Day but not everyone can say they got a hippo for V-Day. This is the kind of thing that stands out and is remembered.

I am putting these three afghans together because there is only so much you can say about afghans. From Left to right: C2C Split Heart Blanket, Circle of Love Afghan, and Say it With Hearts Afghan. My favourite is the Circle of Love Afghan (I seriously hope it’s big enough to use to cuddle with that special someone under) and I think it’s because of the contrast of the colour scheme. I was going to make a joke about Manly Afghans here and ask if these were many enough to give to a guy, but I really think the first one might fall under “possible guy gift”. The Say it With Hearts Afghan makes me think baby blanket for some reason. Maybe it’s the pastel pink. The part that I really love about it is that it’s reversible. I love reversible blankets because I don’t think I have the talent to make them and they fascinate me because of that.

 A crocheted rose bouquet is a win-win idea because roses and they won’t die, and it’s not something your cat can eat. The last time I was given flowers the person that gave them to me got mad because I said “Thank you for the cat salad”. My cat eats, or tries to eat, every cut flower that ends up on my desk. No idea why. Cats are weird. Flowers that don’t die or get eaten by cats can be kept forever, and that is always a big plus. If you want them to smell like the real thing, spritz them with rose water.

Yes, I know, ties are cliche. They are that gift you give to a guy because you don’t know what else to get him. But a Valentines Day tie is sure to be a keeper.

Honestly, every time I see a unique tie, I think of a science teacher I had in jr. high (what we now call middle school) who collected ties and had enough ties that he could wear a different tie for three years without ever repeating one. I am sure that there are other guys like him out there that would love this.

Bonus item. I try to keep patterns free that I recommend because I want everyone to be able to get them. Buying patterns and pattern books can add up quickly and you might only use them once. However, this one is a pay pattern. I actually subscribed to Get Stuffed Magazine to get this pattern. (There are other awesome patterns in there as well) It’s made by Rebeckah over at Rebeckah’s Treasures. I love these kind of friendship necklaces. I remember back in the 80’s Mizpah coin necklaces were all the rage for guys and girls dating in high school. These days there are so many non religious broken heart necklaces for all occasions, those dating, best friends (some of them are even broken in 3 pieces) . I have even seen one with autism puzzle pieces.

A handmade one for you and that significant other or best friend is so much better than a commercially bought one, because it will be a one of a kind personalized thing and you don’t have to worry about some stranger coming up to you in public and showing off the other half of your necklace.

So there you have it, unique crocheted Valentines Day gifts for everyone that means something in your life. What better way to say “I love you”?

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