Ending Starting Row Woes

I have never seen this mentioned anywhere before so I thought that I would throw this out there. I especially think this little trick will help people new to crochet.

When you start a new project, especially if you are not an experienced crocheter, it’s difficult to get the first row that you are going to be stitching into just right. It’s really easy to pull the chain too tight making it difficult to get your hook in there for the second row. I know I am bad at this because I lack a lot of fine motor control.

What I have taken to doing is making my initial chain with a hook one size bigger than what I am going to use for the project. It helps keep things loose enough. Even if you end up pulling things a bit on the tight side, your smaller hook will still fit in there easily enough. The start of the wash cloth pictured above I did the initial chain with a 5.00 mm hook and I am doing rest of the project with a 4.50 mm hook.  Since I started doing this I have been doing less frogging and things look much cleaner at the start.

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