Amiguruimi Aquariums

I will admit, my pintrest boards are not organized at all. I wish that I could be more organized but if anyone ever looked at my bookmarks folder, they know that’s not going to happen. A visit to pintrest starts with looking at whatever is new on my feed and if something catches my eye, I pin it. I then look at other things from that pin and before you know it I’ve got a dozen more things pinned and I’ve started looking for related things.

The haphazard way that I go through pintrest is how I ended up finding amiguruimi aquariums. I don’t know who came up with idea first but I love these. They would make awesome gifts for people, especially those that are hard to shop for. There is also an infinite number of things you can do with these. If you are really ambitious you can fill an entire large aquarium with homemade sea life.

Projects don’t have to be complicated to be awesome. A simple goldfish in a bowl, like this one made by Sheep Dog’s Fleece, makes for an awesome piece of decor. It would make for a really cute conversation starter to put on your desk at work. I love the little goldfish, it reminds me of a goldfish cracker. If goldfish aren’t your thing, you could substitute any small fish, or, if you are a pokemon fan, you could substitute a magikarp.

Another simple goldfish idea by Eden Reborn puts the goldfish in a small airtight bell jar sort of thing (I really forget what these jars are called despite having them in my house.). What I really like about this one is the airtight container. It means you don’t have to worry about dust like you would with an open bowl. I don’t know about anyone else, by there are just spots in my home that collect dust like no one’s business. The desk area behind my laptop has been declared a protected dust bunny habitat.

Anna’s Creative Blog has another ariguruimi fish bowl idea that uses baby puffer fish (pattern can be found here). These fish were affixed to the bottom of the bowl, rather than suspended from the top by invisible thread. The little seashell (I think that’s a seashell) adds a nice touch.

I think this is the first amiguruimi aquarium that I came across. I have no idea who made it since the original pintrest pin only goes to an image. Using the “search google for this image” function turned up nothing. However, Google says that it’s best guess is “crochet”. Good job, Google!

I love everything about this, and since there is no lid, at least that I can tell, I want to know how the fish and the shark are suspended. I know that invisible thread is used when there is a lid or top of some kind to glue it to. I’m convinced this one uses magic. I also want to know what was used for the coral.

Another design that I have no idea who made it. The blog that it came from is gone. I pinned the image for inspiration. The clown fish in this one makes me wonder what a Finding Nemo/Finding Dory inspired amiguruimi aquarium would look like. There are a lot of possibilities there from the fish tank in the dentists office to Nemo’s fish school to a mixture of fish friends found in Finding Dory. What Nemo fan wouldn’t want a homemade aquarium with all their favourite characters in it? I might have to do this I have a rather large pickle jar that would work wonderfully for the project! I would just need to find something to put my bottle cap collection in…

When it comes to craft projects, you are only limited by your imagination.  Sweet Dollies took the amiguruimi aquarium idea to the extreme and filled a full sized aquarium with homemade friends after the last of her fish died. She used the original aquarium decorations (after cleaning them well) as well. I wish I had a spot for something like this because I would get started right now!

I love these aquariums so much. How many times have I said that now? Can we turn it into a drinking game yet? It’s not something I would have ever thought of doing. I’ve seen a number of patterns for cute little fish, octopuses (yes, that is correct plural – ‘octopi’ is a made up work that just sounds cool), and turtles that I wondered what I would do with after making. Now I know.

You can find tons of fish patterns suitable for an amigurumi aquarium. Crochet Pattern Central is a good place to start. There are a number of books that you can buy as well that have aquarium size sea life in them. Hopefully these aquariums have sparked your imagination and creativity as they  have done mine.

Happy Stitching!

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