Crochet Round Up – 4 Weird Projects

Going through Pintrest I have found a number of rather unique projects that are the epitome of creativity. Many of them have made me laugh because they are just not things that I expected. I finally said to myself “Self, why don’t you see what is under weird crochet patterns?” Now, what I consider weird and what other people consider weird are two different things…and I love all things weird. For example, I don’t consider the fried egg potholder I came across all that weird. Then again, as a kid I did dress up as a fried egg one year for Halloween. I actually had to explain that costume to everyone. I thought that the ‘ghost costume’ with an egg yolk on the head would be obvious…but I digress. Here are four of the weirdest crochet patterns I came across…and I will admit there is a good chance that I will make more than one of these.

1. Shrunken Heads. Seriously, who doesn’t want crocheted shrunken heads? I even have a fried that these would make a perfect gift for. I would like to thank Amiguruthi for coming up with these, because it’s not an idea that many would think of.
2. Brain Hat. There are a couple slightly different patterns available for the brain beanie (both knit and crocheted) but I am linking to the one by Cynthia Rae on Ravelry because I think it’s the one the others are based off of. I’m not sure that I know anyone that would wear this but it’s still pretty awesome…and weird.
3. Brussel Sprouts with Googly Eyes. I have no idea what was going through the designers head when they decided to make crochet sprouts and put googly eyes on them but everything is better with googly eyes. I am going to be getting some green yarn and googly eyes and making a ton of these. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I love them so much!
4. Sexy Turkey Hat. There are many turkey hats on the internet, but only this one is sexy. The hat is pretty elaborate and it took some talent to make but while turkey hats are only a 6, at most, on the weird scale – I mean, anyone in an extremely festive Thanksgiving mood would wear one, the fact that someone would describe one as sexy is pretty weird. I’m not even sure what kind of lingerie you would pair this with.
5. Crochet Uterus. I am really not sure what you would do with this. I can see where it might make a good prop for educational purposes or maybe a gift for a doctor or nurse but yea, I don’t get it. (Actually, my doctor would probably love this because he’s like that). My friends and family are used to incredibly weird things from me but I am pretty sure I would get looked at like I had three heads if I made this and showed it off saying “Hey, check out the crocheted uterus I made.”

6. Alien Autopsy. This is pretty ingenious.  I’m actually kind of mad that I didn’t think of this. My only problem is, if I made this I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I have limited room because apartment living.
I want to thank the designers of all these patterns for their creativity and talent. You rock!
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